Jean Kirschstein: 

  • is crying because Mikasa looked at Eren
  • would kill just to be the one that Mikasa likes
  • is betting his whole freaking dinner on Mikasa winning
  • is blushing after Mikasa practically told him to shut up
  • goes all dramatic because Mikasa, a girl he only knew for like 5 minutes, will cut her hair he just complimented

I mean come on Mikasa just..I don’t know..hug the guy or something.

because if you don’t I will



Ugh ever since 21th episode I wanted to draw Marco greeting Petra in heaven (or opening the heaven’s door for her) my ideas are so cheezy forgive me Q_Q

edit: ok I think I have to  make one thing clear- I made Petra and Marco wear clothes that symbolize what they’ve been dreaming of- that’s why Petra is in wedding dress and Marco in military police uniform :)